Last week’s top headlines

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Here are this week’s top headlines in the crypto news.

Crypto market recap – an overview of all the crypto and macro factors that moved the market last week and what other effects they could have in the near term.

Where is Do Kwon INTERPOL issues a red notice for the infamous Terra co-founder as he claims he’s not on the run and living life as normal what is going on here.

Circle’s expansion – the USDC stablecoin expands to five additional smart contract cryptocurrencies while Circle’s CEO claims the crypto industry is on the brink of a major transition – why you need to pay attention.

Chain Link’s major milestone cryptocurrency’s largest on-chain data provider joins forces with the world’s largest banking messaging layer when could link start to Rally.

British pound down – the GBP becomes the latest fiat currency to crash against the USD – how can you protect your purchasing power if you hold a non-USD currency.

CDBC’s behind the scenes – central banks around the world rushed to roll out their dystopian digital currencies before their fiat currencies collapse.